Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Spanks!

I can't belive Friday is Febuary 1. I somehow feel like the holidays just ended.  I've completely neglected my blog--among other things.

But I have a great way to get back on track.  The LOVE SPANKS BLOG HOP.  Woo!

And it's not just a blog hop!  The Spanking Fiction Authors' group has another fabulous contest running.  Check out the details.
I'll be giving out a prize on my blog too.  A cute little Dirty Girl geisha bag with a lip gloss inside.
You definitely have to enter the big contest and my blog's contest!
And I definitely have to write the short story that will be my part of the hop.  I don't know too much yet--but it will involve a special appearance by Cupid.  (Of course, Cupid, being the god of love, knows all about the erotic power of a good spanking.  Even if the lady in question doesn't--yet.)