Monday, December 24, 2012


Happy almost Christmas Eve! (By my time zone!)  Here's a speed sequel (I have 1 hour and 8 minutes to write it as to Naughty and Nice.  Enjoy!

For more elf-y fun, go over to Anastasia's site.  Elf Anastasia Peppermint-Twist was being so good in the sequel she didn't even appear! She was off making plans for making sure all the elves had a wonderful Christmas.

Minelle Jinglebright whipped a ribbon around a package and created a gorgeous bow in under a second and a half. She was the best bow-maker of all the elves, which meant she was very, very good. At least good at bows. 
She twitched one of her pointy ears toward the work table behind her where Emma Snowsparkle and Renee Mistlekiss were wrapping, hoping to hear one of them complaining. Because she knew if one little grumpy word slipped out, they'd get spanked--again! And that would be so fun.  It would be extra sprinkle-y fun to see Anastasia Peppermint-Twist get spanked again, but she was being extra squeaky good lately.
Sue Gingerstar leaned close.  "Are they saying anything naughty?" she whispered. 
"Not yet," Minelle answered, fingers spinning ribbon this way and that.
"Emma looks frowny-faced," Jade Pinecone-Belle commented, after allowing herself a quick glance at Emma and Renee's table. "She's not going to make it until reindeer take-off without saying something un-Christmasy.  And we all know what will happen then."
Jade and Minelle both nodded so hard the bells on their hats started to play "Frosty the Snowman."  In harmony.  "She gets spanked!"
"With Mrs. Claus's wooden spoon!" Jade added, pausing in her present-wrapping to give a little clap.  "I saw Renee and Emma coming out of the shimmer shower the morning after and their bottoms were soooo red!  They definitely are having trouble being nice now, though.  I bet anything they're going to get it again.  You know how much they both hate wrapping."
"What are we talking about, little elves?" a voice boomed.
Only one voice boomed like that.  Jade jerked her head up.  Yes, it was Santa standing over them, with his arms crossed over his chest.  He didn't look ho-ho-ho.  He looked no-no-no. 
"Just this and that," Minelle managed to answer.  "Christmasy things."  Jade and Sue nodded in agreement, but their bells jangled in a ear-hurty way.
"That's not what it sounded like," Santa commented, white eyebrows raising.
"We were talking about Mrs. Claus spanking Emma and Renee!" Sue burst out.  It was very hard not to tell the truth--the whole, big truth--to Santa.
"Hmmm.  And why did Mrs. Claus spank them?" Santa asked.  He usually knew everything, but it was a very busy time of year.
"They were saying how they hated Christmas!" Minelle volunteered.  Maybe they'd get spanked again!
Santa nodded.  He turned, but didn't march over to Emma and Renee.  He strode to the front of the huge workroom, black boots clumping.  He rang the big bell next to his red throne.  Instantly the room went quiet.
"I just heard something that upset me," Santa announced.
Oooh!  Jade, Minelle, and Sue exchanged little smiles.  Emma and Renee were going to get in trou-ble.  Again.  And this time from Santa.  He wouldn't tolerate anybody saying anything naughty about Christmas.  Why hadn't one of them thought to say that Anastasia had been bad too?
"I just heard three little elves talking about the punishment two other little elves received--and sounding, I hate to say it, but sounding gleeful," Santa continued.
The smiles slid off the faces of three particular elves' faces.  Guess whose!  "Now, you all know once a punishment it given, all is forgiven.  That's a Claus Rule. There is no reason to be discussing a naughty behavior that has already been dealt with.  And there is certainly no reason to be wishing for a naughty behavior to occur again so there will be more spanking.  That is what I heard."  Santa shook his head sadly.  "I heard elves hoping two of their compatriots would earn more spankings."
He sat down in his big chair.  "I'm sorry to say that there are going to be some spankings given, and now, when it's almost Christmas Eve.  Minelle Jingleright, Jade Pinecone-Belle, Sue Gingerstar, come up here."
They obeyed.  Because what choice did they have?  Sue noticed that Emma and Renee were working very hard not to smile.  Which was so mean when this was all their fault!
"As you know, this is the busiest night of the year for me, so let's get this done.  You three, over my knee!" Santa ordered, voice stern.  Knees trembling, the three elves approached and, side-by-side-by-side, bent across Santa's wide, wide lap.  In a trice, he had each of their skirts flipped up.  Then with three quick jerks, he had their red-and-green striped panties down to their knees.  Without bothering to take off his white gloves, he began to spank up and down the row of bare bottoms, his hand large enough to cover one entire behind with each cracking blow.
Minelle, Jade, and Sue kicked and cried, but Santa ignored them.  He paused briefly to hold his sleeve up against their bottoms.  "You deserve to be spanked as red as my suit.  You three are the naughties of elves.  There is nothing naughtier than enjoying the misfortune of others," he told them.  "And you're not there yet."  He resumed spanking until all three bottoms were Santa-suit red, then he sent each weeping elf to a corner for her to "think about her own naughtiness and not the naughtiness of others."
Then he left the workroom and headed directly to the kitchen where Mrs. Claus and her staff were icing the last batch of Christmas cookies. He dismissed the workers with a jerk of his chin.  Mrs. Claus smiled.  "I see someone who needs a few cookies to keep his strength up."  She picked up a warm sugar cookie and held it out to her husband.
"Later," he said.  Which surprised her.  Mr. Claus never turned down a cookie.
"Are you feeling ill?"  She pressed the back of her hand against his forehead.  "You're a bit warm."  She frowned.
"It's nothing.  I just had to give three of my elves spankings.  It's the exertion," he explained.
"Oh, Santa.  I'm so sorry.  And on your busiest night. "  She checked the clock.  "You're do to leave in a few hours.  What did the naughty things do?"
"They were hoping to see you give Renee and Emma another spanking.  It seems they enjoyed the idea of the first one."
"That is naughty.  They certainly deserved to be spanked.  How about a nice glass of milk to cool you off?"

He shook his head.  "I have one more spanking to give, I'm afraid."
"Oh, no!  You need your rest.  Who's been naughty?  Let me handle it," Mrs. Claus implored.
Santa pulled one of the wooden chairs away from the table.  "You're the one whose been naughty.  And you, my dear, are the one I must spank," he informed her.
"Me?  No.  No, I'm sure I haven't."  Mrs. Claus quickly reviewed her behavior.  She was sure she hadn't been naughty.  It had been years.  Years and years.  Santa hadn't had to take her across his knee in at least a decade!
"The elves are my responsibility, do you agree?" he asked.
"Yes, of course," Mrs. Clause answered.
"And yet you took it upon yourself to hand out punishment to two of them," he said.
Now she understood.  "Only to save you the bother," she replied quickly. 
"That wasn't your place," he told her.  "Now, from what I heard, you used your wooden spoon on them.  Is that right?"
"Yes, well, first I paddled them with my hand," Mrs. Claus admitted.  It was better to always tell Santa the whole truth right away.
Her husband held out his hand.  Mrs. Claus bit her lip, but put her hand in his and didn't protest when he guided her across his lap.  She'd learned that Santa didn't appreciate protests.
"Did you spank them over their skirts?" he asked.
"Of course not.  That's not a proper spanking," she answered.  "I assure you I know how to correctly discipline an elf."  That earned her a hard spank before her husband pulled her long skirts up to her waist.
"And did you spank them over their panties?" he asked, running his big hand over the silky red panties he'd given her for Christmas the year before.
Mrs. Claus hesitated, and earned herself another sharp spank.  "No, I took their panties down," she confessed.  And as soon as she did, her own panties were lowered, slowly and deliberately. 
"And did they cry when you spanked them?" Mr. Claus asked.  Out of the corner of her eye, Mrs. Claus saw him pull off first one white glove then the other.  A moment later, she felt his warm palm sliding up and down over her bottom. 
"One of them may have cried," she admitted, squeezing her eyes shut as if that would block out some of the pain she knew was coming.
"Hmmm."  Santa ran his hand over her fanny one more time, then began to spank.  He was so strong, her husband, so virile.  He had her bottom burning in seconds.  When it was throbbing he stopped.  Or at least paused.  "Do you think this is how they felt?"  He ran one finger across the fullest part of her behind.  "This hot?"
"I'm not sure if I spanked quite as hard as you do."  It as a little truth and a little flattery. 
"Hmmm." Santa gave her bottom a few pats.  "Did you let them recover before you took the spoon to them?"
"Um, not much.  Renee got a bit of a rest while I was spanking Emma," Mrs. Claus said.  She was really, really wishing she'd let the elves off without using the spoon.  "But you're a much harder spanker than I am.  You know you're much stronger."
That just got her a loud smack on her already-flaming behind.  "Did you keep them over the knee while you spanked them with your spoon."
"No.  I...I made them bend over the table." 
And a moment later, she was in that same position.  She gripped the edge of the table in  both hands to keep from trying to protect her bottom with her palms.  That would earn even more spanking.  She hated this position.  It allowed for such a wide swing with the spoon.  And she knew her husband could see, well, all of her.  Which usually she liked, but not in these circumstances.
Once he got to work with the spoon, though, there was no room for that kind of embarrassment.  All Mrs. Claus could think of was the pain. 
At some point, she realized hot tears were streaking down her face.  It took her a moment longer to realize that the spoon had stopped cracking down.  Her husband leaned over her back, pressing his body against hers.  "And then what did you do to those naughty, naughty elves?" he whispered into her ear.

"I put my peppermint cream on their bottoms so the welts wouldn't get infected, then I sent them to bed without supper."  Her voice quavered a little, but if Mr. Claus just gave her what she'd given the elves, the worst was over.

"I think I'll reverse that.  You take yourself to bed right this minute.  I'll get the peppermint cream and be right behind you.  I expect to find you face down on our bed.  And you won't be needing these."  He slid her panties the rest of the way off.

He wasn't going to give her what she'd given the little elves.  Not exactly.  Her husband gave her a smack on the bottom to get her moving.  "Oh, Santa!" she gasped, and she rushed off to toward their bedroom.  At the kitchen doorway, she turned back.  "Are you sure you have time?  You have to leave in less than--"

"Go, woman!" he roared.

And she went, almost skipping.  Sometimes being naughty led to something nice.



Friday, December 14, 2012

Ana's White Elephant Gift Exchange

Anastasia is having a white elephant gift exchange over on her blogEveryone is invited, so head on over.

As my white elephant gift, I gave Pao this lovely Nicolas Cage adventure set. 

Confession (of a non-spanky kind), I have a deep love for weird presents.  Suckers with scorpions in them, ice cube trays that make ice shaped like dentures, electric forks that twirl your spaghetti for you--I've given them all.

I was deeply gratified when I asked my nephew to give me his new email address so I could send him a gift certificate to iTunes for his birthday and he requested one of my off-the-wall presents instead.  (He got a paint-by-number set that included a picture of Nicolas Cage and some sort of arctic monkey. I recently discovered the array of odd Nicolas Cage gifts available for purchase.)

My great-aunt (just turned a hundred) likes the goofy presents too.  She laughs at them, then sends them to her son as trophies whenever he wins one of their sports bets.  I'm not sure how he feels about them.

I'm pretty sure everyone else is sick of them, so I'm giving people things like earrings (silver roses, nothing strange) this year.  Which is why I was happy to participate in the White Elephant Gift exchange.  It let me get my weird on.

For Pao's sake, I should have thrown in a ping-pong paddle or a crop.  I didn't think of a gift set until now.  Hmmm.  What sort of spanking gift would go well with the Nicolas Cage adventure set?