Sunday, September 16, 2012

6 SENTENCE SUNDAY--September 16

Today's six sentences are from The Scheming Miss Sinclair, a Regency spanking story.  The hero, Lord Reece has just been tricked into compromising Miss Lucy Sinclair and so being forced to propose to her.  His grandmother offers him a little advice:

            "I believe you and the Sinclair girl can be happy together.  Give her a spanking if you think she needs to be punished for her naughty behavior, then go on and make a life together.”
            “Spank Miss Sinclair?” Lord Reece asked.  Spanking his sister for her part in Miss Sinclair’s scheme hadn’t given him a moment’s pause.  He was used to disciplining Ellen and the rest of his brothers and sisters.  But Miss Sinclair?
Lord Reece's grandmother goes on to tell him that she believes he'll find spanking his new bride quite a bit different from spanking his sister.  And he most definitely does.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Recently I got this review for my story The Scheming Miss Sinclair:

"i really like a story where the husband has to discipline his wife for bratty behavior but this was a little to over the top. yes she did trick him to have to marry her but she loved him and wanted to be a good wife to him and she did deserve punishment but the last punishment really was cruel and undeserved."

I reread the ending, and I could see where this comment came from.  It got me thinking.

I'm someone who goes for a happy ending in pretty much every story I write, including Miss Sinclair.  But is there a point where the hero has been so harsh that a happy ending is impossible?  Is there a place where there's no going back to romantic feelings? 

One of the reasons that I often switch back and forth between the male and female point of view is that I think it can help in situations where the hero might be coming off as, if not cruel, then unfeeling, because it can show that he cares deeply about the heroine.  And when I move into the heroine's point of view, it can show thoughts and feelings, especially about being spanked, that she isn't ready to share with the hero.

Are there stories that have stopped working for you because the punishment didn't feel as if it fit the crime or because you felt like the hero was way out of line?

Monday, September 10, 2012


Celeste Jones has me in her hot seat today.  Find out my guilty pleasures. ;)

Speaking of guilty, I just realized (and should have known) that my last blog post was a week ago!  Aghgh!  How did that happen?  I'll have a new one up tomorrow and get back to posting more often.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I just read a short story by Daphne du Maurier called Blue Lenses.  [Minor Spoiler.]  In the story, the main character is in the hospital getting fitted for a pair of eye lenses.  They turn out to have a strange, and often disturbing, side-effect:  they reveal the true nature of person she is looking at.  [I won't say more than that, because that would make it a Big Spoiler.]

It got me thinking.  What if a person's true sexual nature was visible to anyone who looked at him or her?  If you could know at a glance if a person's desires matched you own? Would it make for more happy encounters?  Or would it just be weird?  Would people assume just because you were into spanking that you were up for  being spanked by anyone at any time?  It seems like there would be some possible complications!

On the other hand, I went to a spanking party once, and we wore color-coded name tags--names in blue for spankers, names in red for spankees, names in orange for switches.  At the party, it made things a bit easier to negotiate, and there weren't any assumptions made.

So would you like to know?  Maybe there's someone out there you never though was into spanking and if you suddenly had a way of finding out...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

6 SENTENCE SUNDAY -- 9/2/2012

My 6 Sentences:
He blew a cooling breath over her punished behind.  It was a deep red now, and there was a sharp contrast between the color of her bottom and her creamy back and thighs.  Henry used both hands to massage her buttocks.  She gave a sharp intake of breath as his fingers pressed into her tender skin.  He slid his fingers a little lower, letting them slide between her thighs, running across the lips of her pussy.  Holding her in this spanking position gave him easy access. 

Henry's lovely fiance, Olivia, turns into a raging bridezilla as she begins making wedding plans. The usually easy-going Henry is forced administer a series of spankings (by hand, with a hairbrush, bath brush, wooden spoon and wooden paddle, and with his leather belt) to keep his bride-to-be in line.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012


This from the latest issue of EW:

"It's only day 2 of shooting on the FX series [American Horror Story], which this year is appopriatelly subtitled Asylum, and star Jessica Lange is in a nun's habit spanking the bare bottom of her bound and shackled costar Even Peters with a cane."

Check out Jessica in character with her cane.