Saturday, November 24, 2012


This story was inspired by and is dedicated to Renee Rose and Anastasia Vitsky.  See Anastasia was chiding Renee and me on Facebook for a lack of Christmas spirit (in November, no less, which really isn't fair), and threatening to report us to Mrs. Claus, who it was implied would spank the Christmas spirit right into us.  It felt like the makings of a story to me, if I added a few twists, and a little payback.  Hope you enjoy it.  If you don't. I won't report you to Mrs. Claus, but I will report you to Ana, and she's scarier!

     "I hate Christmas!" Elf Emma Snowsparkle muttered under her breath, after hitting her thumb with her hammer for the fourth time that morning.
     "I do too!" Elf Renee Mistlekiss whispered from her spot on the workbench next to Emma.
     Emma popped to her feet.  "Time for a gingerbread break."  She hurried off to the break room as fast as her curly-toed slippers would carry her, Renee right behind her.  True, they'd just had a break not a half an hour before, but they'd been making wooden rocking horses since January 3rd and they were sick of it and their thumbs hurt and all the other elves were so annoying with their hee-heeing and whistling while they worked.  Whistling Christmas carols.  In November!  It was just maddening.  And Elf Anastasia Peppermint-Twist was the worst.  She'd always been so nauseatingly nice, nice, nice, but since she got promoted to Head Elf?  It was like she pooped sprinkles.  Or thought she did.
     "You know what else I hate?" Emma asked, once she'd confirmed that the room was empty.  "I hate gingerbread.  Would it kill Mrs. Claus to buy some potato chips?"
     "Oooh, or gummy worms.  I was watching The Mindy Project under the covers last night and that's what Mindy eats," Renee added.  "I bet she hates Christmas too."
     "For sure.  She's way too cool for Christmas," Emma agreed. 
     "You know why else I hate Christmas?  Red and green.  Green and red," Renee complained.  "I want to wear purple.  Or orange."
     "Purple and orange stripes!" Emma cried.  "You know why else Christmas stinks?  Tinsel.  It's supposed to look like icicles on the tree, but it so doesn't.  And it rolls up into those weird balls.  And if you put it in your mouth, it makes your teeth hurt."
     "But why do you put it in your mouth?" Renee asked.
     "Doesn't matter," Emma snapped, as well as she could snap.  Little elf mouths weren't designed for it.  "I just hate it and I hate Christmas."
     "Me too!  I hate how so much stuff is peppermint flavored.  Peppermint is icky," Renee exclaimed.
     "It is!  And you know what else I hate about Christmas?  A Christmas Carol.  Which is the movie tonight--again.  There about a zillion versions of that movie, and I hate them all.  I especially hate Tiny Tim."
     Renee blinked.  "Really?"  She sounded a little shocked.  "Well, I hate Christmas lists.  All they are is just begging on paper."
     This was fun!  Emma was loving this.  She bet she and Renee could think of at least a hundred reasons why Christmas was hateable. More!  Because ten minutes later, they'd already come up with twenty each, and neither was showing signs of running out of ideas.
     Which might have been why neither noticed the smell of sugar cookies getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger.  They both jumped when a soft, sweet voice said, "What do we have here?"
     Emma squealed.  Renee squeaked.  They both jerked around toward the door.  Mrs. Claus stood their, hands on her ample hips.  She was almost always smiling.  She wasn't now.  "I think what we have here is two little elves who need to have their bottoms spanked for speaking such naughty nonsense."
     Renee slapped her hands over the back of her short skirt.  Emma backed up a few steps. 
     "Come along to the kitchen and I'll see to it," Mrs. Claus told them.
     "Huh-huh."  Renee's chin went up.  "You're not in charge of us."
     "She's right," Emma agreed.  "Santa's in charge of the elves, not you."
     "Hmmm.  I suppose you're right.  I was just trying to save my Santa the trouble of disciplining the two of you, since this is a very busy time of year."  Mrs. Claus looked from Emma to Renee.  "But I can certainly call him.  I'm sure he'll find time to work in a nice, long spanking for both of you."
     "No, no.  It's okay.  You can do it," Emma said in a rush.
     "We don't want to bother him," Renee agreed.  "Not so close to his big day."
     They both knew Santa spanked hard.  He had  big hands and they were rough from all the years handling the reindeer reins.  Besides, when Santa gave a spanking, he did it in front of all the elves.  He sat down in his big red throne of a chair and took the bad elf over his knee right there where everyone could see. 
     Neither Emma or Renee had been spanked by Mrs. Claus, but it had to be better than that.  She was a sweet old woman!
     Mrs. Claus gave a nod and left the room.  Renee grabbed Emma's hand as they followed.  "No matter what, she's not going to spank me into liking Christmas," she whispered.
     "Me either," Emma whispered back.  "Especially in November."
     "You can all take a break," Mrs. Claus told her kitchen crew when they entered the big, warm room with racks of Christmas cookies on almost every available surface.  See.  Mrs. Claus was a nice lady.  She wasn't going to spank them in front of anyone.  Emma figured she'd probably just give them a few swats each and send them on their way.
     Mrs. Claus pulled a chair away from the big table that held an array of mixing bowls, wooden spoons, and other cookie-baking paraphernalia.  She patted her knee.  "All right, my dears, who's first?"
     Emma nudged Renee.  Renee nudged Emma.  Emma nudged Renee harder.  Renee gave Emma a little shove.  Emma gave Renee a big shove, and it sent Renee sprawling over Mrs. Claus's lap.  Emma smiled in triumph.  Then she frowned.  She thought she'd heard a rustling in one of the cupboards.  But the castle didn't have mice, other than the cute ones who carried the ornaments to the really high spots on the Christmas trees.  Those mice didn't scuttle around in cupboards.
    A gasp of protest from Renee pulled Emma's attention back to her friend and Mrs. Claus in time to see Mrs. C. flipping Renee's short skirt up over her back.  Uh-oh.  A second later, her red-and-white striped panties were around her knees.  Double uh-oh.  Emma's theory about getting a few swats didn't seem like it was right.  Mrs. Claus looked like she was gearing up for a real spanking.
     Mrs. Claus placed one hand on Renee's back and one on her bare bottom.  "I love Christmas!" Renee cried.  "Love it.  Emma was saying how much she hated it, so I did too, just to be nice."
     "That's not true!" Emma shot back.  Renee was such a little skunk.  "She--"
     "Quiet!" Mrs. Claus ordered, her voice steely.  "I'll deal with you shortly, Miss Snowsparkle," she told Emma.  Then she turned her attention to Renee.  "I was sorry to hear how much you hate the color red.  Because that's the color I'm going to have to turn your bottom."
     With that, Mrs. Claus began to spank.  Emma squeezed her eyes shut almost immediately.  It wasn't fun to watch when she knew she'd be over Mrs. Claus's lap next.  She pressed her fingers into her ears, but she could still hear the crack of Mrs. Claus's palm against Renee's bottom.  She could still hear Renee's squeals and pleads.  But, faster than she thought, the spanking sounds stopped. 
     Emma cracked open an eye, and saw Mrs. Claus set Renee on her feet.  Oooh, the spanking might not have been that long, but Renee's hiney was almost as bright red as Rudolph's nose.  Emma got a good look at it because Mrs. Claus had bent Renee over the table and tucked her skirt under her belt so it wouldn't fall down.  "You stay right there and don't move," Mrs. Claus ordered Renee, and with a sniffle, Renee promised she would.
     Mrs. Claus sat back down and crooked her finger at Emma.  Emma's stomach rolled over.  She wanted to run, but she knew she'd only get caught, and then she probably really would get sent to Santa for punishment.  She put herself over Mrs. Claus's lap.  It was much softer than Santa's, and Mrs. Claus smelled really good.  Maybe this really wouldn't hurt too, too much. 
     Mrs. Claus gave clucks of disapproval as she made quick work of getting Emma's skirt up and her panties down.  She planted her hand--small, warm, and soft--on Emma's bottom and said, "I am so ashamed of you, saying you hate Christmas, the most magical time of the year, a holiday that brings joy to the world.  And you should be ashamed of yourself."
     "I still hate it," she muttered.  She wasn't going to be like Renee, saying anything just because she was over Mrs. Claus's knees.
     "You do, do you?  Well, let's see if I can change that."  Mrs. Claus's hand was little and soft, but maybe it had some Claus magic in it, because the spanks she gave with that soft, little hand stung like crazy, and in only about a minute, the sting had turned to a burn, and Emma was wiggling and squirming, trying to escape the next sharp strike. 
     "Please, please, please, I didn't mean it," Emma wailed.  "I love Christmas.  I do, I do!" 
     "That's not the way it sounded to me," Mrs. Claus answered.  She lowered her hand delivering a flurry of spanks to the tops of Emma's thighs, then quickly returning to spanking her bottom.
     Then it was over!  Whew!  And Mrs. Claus was bending Emma over the table next to Renee and tucking Emma's skirt in her belt so her naked behind was sticking out.  Sometimes Santa put an elf in the corner after a spanking.  Emma figured that this was Mrs. Claus's version of corner time. 
     At least that's what she thought until Mrs. Claus circled around the table and took a wooden spoon out of a bowl of cookie dough.  She tapped the spoon on the edge of the bowl so that most of the dough came off.  "I was glad to hear both of you say that you love Christmas," Mrs. Claus said.  Emma couldn't take her eyes off that spoon.  "You'll forgive me if I found it hard to believe you.  I think I'll need proof.  So each time I give you a spank with my spoon, you'll tell me something you love about the holiday."
     She walked back to Renee and Emma's side of the table.  Emma heard a whistling sound, then Renee gave a yelp.  "What do you love about Christmas, Miss Mistlekiss?" Mrs. Claus prompted.
     "Um, um--trees!" Renee burst out.  "Christmas trees!"
     Mrs. Claus gave a grunt of what might have been approval.  Emma heard her take a step, then another.  Then the batter-wet wooden spoon came down on her seared bottom, creating an oval of fresh, bright pain.  "And what do you love about Christmas, Miss Snowsparkle?"  Emma couldn't think of anything but that throbbing spot on her bottom.  Mrs. Claus gave her two more spanks with the spoon. It was dry now, the batter transferred to the elves' behinds. "I'm waiting," she said.
     "Cookies!" Emma gasped out.
     Mrs. Claus moved back to Renee.  Renee must have been thinking while Mrs. Claus had been using the spoon on Emma.  "Blitzen!" she cried as soon as the spoon cracked down.
     "Donner!" Emma got out after the spoon caught her on on the spot where her bottom curved into her thighs.
     "Not fair!" Renee yelled.  "I was going to use all the reindeer."
     Emma turned her head so she could see her friend.  Ex-friend.  "You don't own the reindeer."
     "They were my idea!"
     Mrs. Claus didn't give them a warning.  She didn't tell them to stop their fighting.  She just gave both Renee and Emma five spanks with the spoon, then said, "Now, we'll continue.  And neither of you may use the reindeer."
     Emma hopped from foot to foot, still bent over the table, trying to think.  "None of that!"  Mrs. Claus used her hand to give Emma swat across the center of her bottom.  "And none of that!" she added when she caught Renee trying to rub the burn out of her fanny.  Renee got another spank too, then Mrs. Claus got back to work with the spoon.
     The elves came up with snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, and snow forts as their next reasons, both wanting to distract themselves with the thought of something icy cold.  They called out It's a Wonderful Life, the smell of pine needles, the candlelight church service, the sound of Santa's ho-ho-ho.  Sobbing, Renee managed to get out Tiny Tim after her tenth spank with the spoon.  Tenth not counting the ones for answering too slowly.  Bawling, Emma stammered out carolers. 
     "All right.  I'm convinced that you both truly do love Christmas," Mrs. Claus said.  She didn't give them permission to stand, so both elves stayed where they were, watching as Mrs. Claus crossed to the cabinets.  She opened one of the doors, and Anastasia Peppermint-Twist tumbled to the floor. 
     "I just had to see you get what you deserved," she told Renee and Emma, then pressed both hands over her mouth and giggled.  "I knew you were going to get your bottoms burned!"
     Mrs. Claus reached down and pinched one of Anastasia's pointed ears between her finger and thumb.  She marched the elf--who had stopped giggling--over to the table, bent her over and in two quick motions pulled up her skirt and took down her panties.
     "W-what are you doing?" Anastasia asked.
     "It should  be quite clear," Mrs. Claus said crisply.  "Preparing you to take your spanking."
     "My spanking?" Anastasia cried.  "But--  But I'm Head Elf.  I don't get spanked!  And I didn't do anything anyway.  I'm nice.  I'm always nice."
     "As Head Elf your job is to set an example for the others.  Do you actually believe you just set an example of nice behavior?  Because I would say giggling while your friends get disciplined is quite naughty."  Mrs. Claus turned back to the cupboard and retrieved a small ceramic pot.  She walked over behind Renee and Emma. 
     Emma got whiff of the sharp scent of peppermint, then she heard Renee whimper.  "This will make sure the welts from my spoon don't get infected," Mrs. Claus said.  A few seconds later, she began rubbing something cool into Emma's bottom.  Cool at first, although it quickly started to sting and burn.  And Emma's skin was had been stinging and burning to begin with. 
     Mrs. Claus used one hand to pat Renee's bottom and one to pat Emma's.  "All right girls, you're done.  Unless I ever hear you talking about how you hate Christmas again.  If I do, I'll borrow Santa's belt and give both you a true spanking."
     Emma and Renee both straightened up and pulled their little skirts down.  Mrs. Claus handed each of them a clean wooden spoon.  "I find that my arm is a bit tired," she told them.  "I want each of you to give Anastasia ten spanks with your spoon."
     "Ten each?" Anastasia protested.  "But that's twice as much as they got!"
     "That's the price of being Head Elf," Mrs. Claus said, without sympathy.  "When you've finished, all three of you go straight to bed without your supper."
     What could they do but obey?  As soon as Anastasia's bottom was crimson and throbbing, the elves went to their beds, where they all had to lie on their stomachs, Renee and Emma having relearned that they loved Christmas, and Anastasia having learned that it's very naughty to watch and giggle while other elves get spanked.  Even if the other elves deserved exactly what they got.







  1. I love this! It's wonderful. I laughed my head off...until I got to the end. From you and Renee? Oh no! The indignity! *giggle*

    So NOW do you love Christmas, Miss Snowsparkle?

  2. Thank you Emma for a great seasoned story and the wonderful images in my mind of Emma, Renee and Ana you have envisioned for us..... Now, where did I put that link to !

  3. Super cute story! I loved it. Perfect start to the holidays!

  4. OMG, hysterical!! And somehow even hot (elves and mrs. claus? I wouldn't have thought...) And Ana, you deserved every swat!!

  5. Oh goodness me! That was SO cute... and HOT and erm, well deserved because WHO COULD NOT FEEL CHRISTMASSY??? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! *grunt*

  6. I am laughing so hard! The names and descriptions of personality are perfect! Everyone deserved their spankings! lol
    Of course Ana needed an extra hard spanking for being the 'head elf'

  7. This made me giggle so much! What adorable elves. :)

  8. Just so you know, Ana wanted to be Head Elf. She asked for the title.

    1. For immunity! Head Elf should be immune to spankings!


  9. Very good! They all got what they deserved. Imagine, hating Christmas!

  10. I'm glad these naughty elves, especially the Head Elf who thought she was immune to spankings!, got exactly what they deserved:) Great story!

  11. Emma--this is wonderful. You had me at "pooped sprinkles".

  12. Cute story :) I agree with Elf Renee about the colors red and green. But I disagree with Elf Emma about Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim was awesome! He was in love with Miss Vicki.
    Oh wait, you mean the other "Tiny Tim."

  13. This is a great Christmas story. I am still laughing. I am not going to say anything about how perfectly you portrayed your main characters and believe me, I will never say I hate Christmas, just in case Mrs Claus is listening.

    1. Mission accomplished! Yay!!! Christmas spirit for everyone!

      And I am *not* nauseating! *giggle*

    2. Anyone have a Christmas spanking story idea they'd like me to write up? Since I now sort of have the Christmas spirit (spankings only have an effect for so long!), I'd be happy to do a few for the blog in December.

  14. I vote for Minelle, Jade, and Sue to get spanked for saying that we deserved what we got.

  15. Loved this story... I giggled as I read it. How fun & creative! Definitely not the Mrs. Claus I've read about in the past though!?

  16. I'm a latecomer to read this, but what a wonderful story! Totally fun. Great spirit. Loved the way justice was served!

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  21. Did I deserve that Spanking (my names emma williams) ??????? Plz tell me ul do it in real life !!!???? xxx