Sunday, September 16, 2012

6 SENTENCE SUNDAY--September 16

Today's six sentences are from The Scheming Miss Sinclair, a Regency spanking story.  The hero, Lord Reece has just been tricked into compromising Miss Lucy Sinclair and so being forced to propose to her.  His grandmother offers him a little advice:

            "I believe you and the Sinclair girl can be happy together.  Give her a spanking if you think she needs to be punished for her naughty behavior, then go on and make a life together.”
            “Spank Miss Sinclair?” Lord Reece asked.  Spanking his sister for her part in Miss Sinclair’s scheme hadn’t given him a moment’s pause.  He was used to disciplining Ellen and the rest of his brothers and sisters.  But Miss Sinclair?
Lord Reece's grandmother goes on to tell him that she believes he'll find spanking his new bride quite a bit different from spanking his sister.  And he most definitely does.

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  1. Grandma always knows best! I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to move on to Miss Henley.

  2. I think he'll get used to it! LOL. Can't wait to read one. Some genres goes especially well together. Regency and spanking is like chocolate and champagne.

  3. oooh! I enjoyed Miss Henley and I think I'll move onto this one! :)