Monday, October 8, 2012

Licorice Whips

For some reason, I've been filled with writerly ennui lately.  Meaning I've been lazy.  Or uninspired.  Uninspired to break through my laziness.  Too lazy to break through the uninspired barrier.  In any case, I haven't been writing, even here.

But, I have been reading!  (Never too lazy to read!)  So, to get back in the game, I will briefly write about something I read.

I just read the Susan Elizabeth Phillips' new book, The Great Escape.  I'm such a fan of hers, and I found her latest just as charming, funny, and sexy as all her others.  There was a great, playful sex scene in Escape, where the hero uses a licorice whip to whip the heroine (with some of that whipping between the thighs).

It got me thinking about how I just use the standard implements in my spankings stories--hairbrush, bath brush, wooden spoon, paddle, belt, crop, and I think that's it.  Phillips has inspired (inspiration--yay!) me to see if I can come up with some new ones.

Whew, okay, I've written some words.  Next up, I'll be starting my story for the Spanking Fiction Authors' Spank or Treat blog hop.  And I'll be blogging at you.



  1. That reminds me of a spanking I saw with a shoelace. It was ridiculous. :D

    A licorice whip would actually hurt, at least until it broke.

  2. It is a challenge to come up with new implements, but I suspect that in real life, people tend to use the standard ones.

    But I would add: ruler, paint stirrer, spatula (even sounds spanky), slipper, rolled up newspaper (works on the dog too), magazine. It has to be something that is easy to hold.