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                A whirlwind of autumn leaves whipped around Jackson Hawes as he climbed out of his Jeep, momentarily filling his vision with orange, red, yellow, and brown.  Then with a sigh, the leaves floated to the ground, lifeless until the next gust.
                Jackson let out a sigh himself.  Another Halloween.  Another night of dealing with what was set loose by the ignorant.  He’d only taken a few steps up the walkway to the darkened house when the door burst open and two teenage girls with flashlights rushed out, both talking at once.  He picked out the words “scratched,” “ghost,” “Ouija board,” “freaked,” and numerous “OMG”s.
                “Shut up,” he commanded.  “I ask questions.  You answer them.  Inside.”
                As he led the way back into the house, the lights flicked on, as if in welcome.  Somebody wanted to play.  Fine with him.  Jackson always won.  “Anyone else home?” he asked the girls.
                “No,” the one dressed as a sexy Ernie answered.  “And the lights wouldn’t come on before.  They were completely dead.”
                “Typical,” he answered.  “So you two geniuses were playing with a Ouija board.  Did you ask to speak to a specific spirit?”
                “We were just asking questions,” the girl dressed as a sexy Bert said in a rush.  “Not to anybody.  Just to the board.”
                “You use the board, you’re trying to contact a spirit,” Jackson told them.  The lights flashed on and off as if in agreement.  Bert and Ernie squealed. “Did you get a message?” he continued.  The girls stared at him with eyes as blank as those of the puppets they’d decided to dress up as.  “Did the little pointer spell out anything?”  He spoke slowly and carefully, pretending they were kindergartners.
                “I thought she was moving it.”  Bert pointed to Ernie.
                “And I thought she was moving it.”  Ernie pointed to Bert.
                “Not what I asked.”  The lights agreed again.
                “Doom.  It spelled out doom,” Bert said.  Apparently, Ernie was still trying to figure out what the question actually was.
                “Original,” Jackson muttered.  The lights gave a rapid series of blinks, as if someone had been offended.  He had no problem with that.  “Anything else?” Jackson asked.  The girls shook their heads.
                “Just that, over and over.  Then the board flipped over, and something scratched me!  And I knew it was a ghost!” Ernie exclaimed.
                “That’s when we called you.  We saw your ad on TV,” Bert added.
                He always paid for a late-night ad on a local station the week before Halloween, and it always got him a lot of calls.  “Let’s see it,” he said to Ernie.  She held out her arm, and he saw that it was shaking.  He should probably have a little more patience with these two.  They had to be terrified.  But, they’d asked for it.
                The three long scratches on the girl’s arm looked as if they’d been caused by fingernails.  “You sure your friend didn’t accidentally do this?”
                “No way,” Bert protested.  “I was too busy screaming.  And anyway I wasn’t close enough.”
                He wasn’t going to get anything else useful from them.  “Give me an hour.  When you get back, whatever you called up will be gone.”  The lights gave their most rapid flicker yet.  Somebody thought he was being too cocky.  Somebody was wrong.
                Bert and Ernie didn’t need to be told twice.  They were out the door almost before he finished speaking.
                Showtime, Jackson thought.  He was encouraged by the scratches on the girl’s arm.  Not that he’d wanted her injured, but the scratches indicated the spirit was capable of a physical manifestation, and a being with a physical manifestation could be hurt physically.
                He walked over to the upended Ouija board.  “Don’t be shy, sweetheart.  Come out and show yourself,” he called loudly.  He didn’t know for sure if the spirit was male or female, but scratching, that was a woman thing.  Call him sexist, he didn’t care.  Men didn’t scratch.
                The lights flicked in reply.  “Come on.”  He switched into a coaxing tone.  Women liked coaxing.  “We’re all alone.  I want to see you.  You must be lonely.  I know I am.  Come keep me company.”
                He grinned as he heard the sound of high heels on the polished wooden stairs that led upstairs.  The spirit hadn’t taken on a form he could see, not yet, but she was coming toward him.
                The clicks stopped, and Jackson assumed the spirit woman had reached the carpet.  A whiff of perfume, something old-fashioned, honeysuckle maybe, indicated she was close.  Then he felt breath on his cheek.  Very, very close.
                His heart gave a kick in his chest.  This part always got him going, adrenalin whipping through him, not a fear response, but one of excitement.
                Close was good.  But he needed her corporeal.
                He decided to go with some flattery.  Women liked that too.  “You smell wonderful.”
                “Feed me some more applesauce,” came the whispered response in his ear.
                “Applesauce?”  What was she talking about.
                She giggled at his confusion, and as she did, the air in front of him began to ripple then solidify, taking the form of a woman in a flapper dress.  More of a girl than a woman.  She looked about eighteen under all that makeup.  She’d powdered her face almost while, colored her lips a deep crimson, and had on enough eye shadow he was surprised she could keep her eyelids open.
                “Annabelle,” he said.
                She raised her eyebrows, surprised.
                Jackson had done some quick research on the house before he’d come, and he’d discovered a young woman named Annabelle Patterson had died there in 1927.  She’d broken her neck in a fall down the stairs. She’d been just about to turn twenty-one.
                “And who are you, Father Time?” she asked.  She didn’t ask what he was doing there.  That was typical of spirits.  They somehow worked everything they saw into a reality that made sense to them.  “A friend of my papa’s, I suppose.”
                “That’s right.  Mr. Jackson Hawes.”  And who was she calling Father Time?  He was only thirty-two.
                She pulled a silver flask from the top of one of her rolled-down stockings, took a slug, then promptly choked.  “Bathtub gin wasn’t in the bathtub long enough,” she explained.  She took a cigarette out of a case in her bag, put it between her lips, and looked at him expectantly.
                Jackson lit it.  She was already dead.  It’s not like it could kill her.
                She took a puff and started coughing. 
                It was as if she’d never had a smoke or a drink before tonight.  She was an innocent little thing, and he reminded himself that she’d grown up—as much as she had—almost a hundred years ago.  And that let him know exactly how to handle her.  He plucked the cigarette out of her mouth and put it out on the bottom of his shoe. 
                “Wurp.”  She gave an exaggerated pout.
                He had no idea what that meant, but he had the idea it wasn’t a compliment.  “You and I are going to have a talk, young lady,” he told her.  “You terrified those girls, do you know that?”
                “I was just playing with the dumb doras,” she answered.  “I didn’t mean to scratch one of them.”
                “That’s only the first thing you and I have to discuss.  But before we move on, first I’m getting that gunk off your face.”  He took her by the elbow, marched her into the kitchen, grabbed a dishtowel, then wet it and began to scrub her face.  She wriggled and protested, but he didn’t stop until her face was clean and shining.
                “Much better.  Now sit.”  He pointed to one of the kitchen chairs.
                She quickly obeyed as if it didn’t occur to her to refuse.  It was like washing off her makeup had washed away most of her attitude.
                “What were you thinking wearing all that stuff on your face?” he asked sternly.  She dropped her eyes to the ground.  Yeah, he was on the right track.  “And carrying a flask.  What would your mother think?”
                “Don’t tell her!” Annabelle exclaimed, jerking her eyes up to him.  “It would break her heart.”
                Guilt.  That was what was keeping her here, on this plane.  Well, he knew exactly how to handle that.
                “And what about the rest of what you got up to tonight?”  He knew she’d died after midnight.  Looking at her, he knew she had to have been sneaking back into her house.
                “I didn’t do anything,” she said, raising her chin, with just a hint of defiance.
                “Don’t lie to me, Annabelle Patterson,” Jackson ordered. 
                “I went to a petting party at my friend Susan’s,” she mumbled.
                “Speak up,” he barked.
                “I went to a petting party at my friend Susan’s,” she said more loudly.  “Please don’t tell Mama.  Or Papa.  Please, please don’t tell Papa.”  She suddenly sounded like a little girl.
                “If I did, I’m sure he’d put you over his knee and warm your bottom, am I right?”
                Her face flushed, and she nodded.
                “Well, since papa isn’t here, I’m going to have to take care of that myself,” Jackson informed her.  Once she’d taken her punishment, he was pretty sure she’d be released from this plane and free to go on, to go to her parents and everyone else she loved.
                He pulled one of the kitchen chairs away from the table and sat down.  “Let’s get this done.”
                Tears started to roll down her face.  “I only wanted to have a little fun.  All I did was a little hugging.”
                “And a little sneaking out.  And a little smoking.  And a little drinking.  And a little lying to Mama and Papa.  And, let’s not forget, a little scaring of those girls.”  Jackson counted her sins on his fingers.  “You know you’ve earned a spanking.  Now come here and get yourself over my knee.”
                Annabelle stood and slowly approached him.  He held out his hand, and he took it.  All he had to do was give it a gentle tug and she was across his lap.  She knew she had this coming.
                Jackson place one hand on her back and used his other to pull the hem of her fringed dress up over her bottom.  She have a gasp when he took the top of her panties in his fingers, and planted her hands firmly over her fanny.
                “You better move those paws unless you want your spanking to last twice as long,” Jackson warned.
                She jerked her hands away almost as fast as she’d gotten them in place.  Jackson made quick work of getting her panties—with their wide, loose legs—down to her knees.  Her bottom was smooth and round and creamy.  You’re not here to ogle her, he reminded himself.  He raised his hand and gave her a sharp spank, sharp enough to leave a perfect red hand-print and to get a squeal from Miss Annabelle. 
                Jackson continued methodically, making each spank count, covering every inch of her bottom and the tops of her thighs.  Her flesh remained firm—well firm, but bouncy—under his hand.  Obviously, she thought she deserved something harsher.  He rained down a second round of spanks, these faster so there wasn’t even a few seconds between strikes for her to recover.  She squirmed and bucked, but didn’t begin to fade as he’d thought she would.
                Maybe a little lecture was in order.  Jackson planted his palm firmly on her bottom.  “You really have behaved horribly.  Smoking.  Drinking.  I know you weren’t raised that way.”
                “No, I w-wasn’t,” Annabelle stammered.  He could hear tears in her voice.
                “Do you have any explanation for yourself?” he demanded.
                “No.  I’ll never do it again.  Never!” she exclaimed.  But she remained solid.  Her guilt hadn’t left her.  Jackson began spanking again, turning her skin crimson.  “Please, stop.  Please, please.  I will never, ever do it again.”
                Jackson paused. Had he been wrong about a spanking being what she needed to free her?  “If it was your papa spanking you, would he stop now?”
                Annabelle didn’t reply.  Jackson gave her a sharp smack.  “Answer me!”
                “I won’t do it again!” Annabelle exclaimed.
                “That’s not what I asked.”  He gave her another spank.
                “I’m sorry.  I know I was bad.  But I’ll be good, I will.”
                “Not an an—“ Jackson began.
                Then a hairbrush materialized in thin air and fell to the ground at his feet.  He didn’t need to be told twice.  He picked it up.  Annabelle looked over her shoulder and began to struggle to get free when she saw what he held.  “Papa’s hairbrush!” she cried.
                Papa’s paddle was more like it, he thought.  The back was wide and thick.  It would deliver quite the wallop.
                Annabelle gave a hard jerk and almost broke free.  “Enough!” Jackson pushed her further forward on his lap, and looped one of his legs over both of his just as she began kicking.  She was no match for his strength.  He began applying the back of the brush to her already well-punished bottom and it only took three strokes before her shoulders began to shake with sobs.  He didn’t let that stop him.  He brought the brush down again and again.
                Finally he saw that she’d begun to turn translucent.  He paused with the brush raised to deliver another spank.  She twisted around and looked at him. 
                “You’re probably hating me right now,” he said.
                She shook her head.  “No, you were right.  I deserved a spanking.  I’ll be good from now on.”
                “I know you will.  I know you were always a good girl, most of the time. You can go now.”  He put the brush on the table, gave her bottom one last spank, this one more of a tap.  He could hardly feel her under his hand.  Her body was now feather-light over his lap.  As he began to pull her panties back up, the doorway leading to the living room began to glow.
                Jackson squinted into the light.  A man and woman, Annabelle’s parents going by their age and dress, stood there.  Her mama smiled at him.  Her father gave him an approving nod.
                Annabelle scrambled up from his lap and started toward them, then spun around and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Then she ran toward her parents, toward the light, and disappeared.
                “Nothing like a good spanking,” Jackson said.  He decided that he’d give the same treatment to Bert and Ernie when they returned. They deserved it.  Playing with a Ouija board and on Halloween no less.
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    1. Nice story, Emma! I like the interaction between the two. Hm, what monster would I like to be spanked by? I can't think of any. Maybe a Ghost of Christmas past or something to wipe my slate clean. :)

    2. Hi Emma! That's a great plane for a spanking. I liked that he used 'paws' instead of 'hands' :D What monster to be spanked by.. umm, is Ursula from Little Mermaid considered a monster? If she is then maybe her. I mean..those tentacles..

    3. Awesome story, Emma! I wouldn't mind if a werewolf gave me a spanking...preferably before he shifted LOL. Alcide from True Blood, anyone? :)

    4. Wonderful story, Emma. And the sexy Bert and Ernie costumes cracked me up.

      I'd like to be spanked by Spankenstein. Yay! I've been trying to use that ever since I thought of it yesterday. :)

    5. Oohh, Great story! Such a great idea - a ghostbuster who spanks. And the part about a sexy Burt & Ernie cracked me up!

      As for what monster I would like to have spank me - hmmm. I really do have a thing for vampires, so I would have to say a tall, dark and handsome vamp!

    6. Well I am going to go with Beast from beauty and the Beast. But my version is from that old tv series where the Beast lived underground in tunnels. I thought he was quite attractive. lol

    7. That was an interesting story! I would have to say a strong, sexy Vampire. Erik from True Blood would be perfect.

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    9. Very unique story, I was really drawn in. I've never thought of Eric and Bill as monsters but I guess they are, I'll go with Bill.

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    12. Very creative storytelling. And perfect for the season. As a preferred spanker, I can think of only one spanker for me if I were put in the situation. That would be DarkAlice, or bentalice, or Alice Dark as she is known. She has always been kind of Scary-ish to me at times..........

    13. My first thought was the Beast from Beauty and the Beast/ But then I started thinking about some other monsters..I decided on Klaatu, the alien from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Would love to have Keanu Reeves spank me any day.

    14. The wicked witch from the West... so wicked... she enjoys spanking males to tears.

    15. Thank you for a cool Halloween story. I would like to be spanked by Jennifer Garner who plays some kind of monster in one of her movies.

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      My monster spanker would prolly be the Hunchback of Notredame.

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      1. Or maybe sexy Cookie Monster (Sorry, just had to share that mental image!)

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      1. Gasp. You? No! I'd never have guessed!

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      Hot story. Who ya gonna call? The "Ghost's Bottom Buster."

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