Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I get inspiration for my spanking erotica stories from a variety of places.  Recently I bought three photos from Dreamstime because I knew they'd inspire me to come up with stories to match. 

I thought this one was scary, in a good way.

I wanted this one, because I definitely want to write another Regency Spanking Story

And this one gave me a story idea almost right away.  I've already started writing.  Here's a taste:


            “I’m so nervous,” Holly Nolan blurted out as soon as she stepped into Dr. Copeland’s office.  She couldn’t help it.  It’s like instead of butterflies in her stomach, she’d had those words, and they’d come flying out the minute she saw the doctor. 

            “That’s absolutely to be expected,” Dr. Copeland told her as he closed the door with a quiet click.  He sat down behind his desk and gestured her to one of the chairs in front of it.  “Do you have any questions about what we’ll be doing today?”

            “Will it hurt a lot?”  More word butterflies.  It was partly his fault they kept coming. It was those eyes of his.  When he looked at her, she felt like he wanted to hear everything she had to say.  He looked at her like he wasn’t thinking about anything but what he could do to help.  He looked at her like he cared, even though they’d only had one appointment before today.

            He picked up his paperweight, a geode cut in half to show its amethyst heart, and slowly turned it over in his hands as considered her question.  Holly found that her eyes kept flicking to those hands.  They were strong and capable, and it made her shiver to think of them on her body. “The way aversion therapy works is to set up a negative association with an unwanted behavior,” he explained.  Re-explained.  He’d gone over this last time, and she’d agreed to give the therapy a try.  “So, yes, it will be painful.  It wouldn’t be effective otherwise.  You may still be experiencing some discomfort for several hours after our session, and there is the possibility of minor bruising, although probably not after today’s appointment, because part of what I’ll be doing is trying to locate the level of pain required, and I’ll start at the lower end of the spectrum. Your skin will most certainly be red when you leave today though.”  Holly’s stomach curled into a little ball, crushing any butterflies that remained.  Now, she wasn’t sure be able to speak at all.  He set down the paperweight and leaned forward.  “You can still change your mind, and I can come up with some alternative therapies.”

            For a minute she was tempted.  Seriously tempted.  Talking about it at the last appointment had been different.  It had all been theoretically.  Logical.  Pain association with negative behavior.  But now it was about to happen.  A spanking.  From Dr. Copeland.  She cleared her throat.  It was desert-dry.  Or should that be dessert-dry? she wondered--feeling like she was teetering on the edge of hysteria--since she was about to be spanked for her inability to moderate the amount of sweets she consumed.

            The doctor poured a glass of water and handed it to her.  Her fingers trembled as she raised it to her lips, trembled enough to set miniature waves rolling across the surface of the water.  She took a long drink, then managed to say, “This is the therapy you think is the best, um, most effective, right?” Good, a very reasonable, non-teetering-on-the-edge-of-Cliff-Hysteria question.

            “Based on the history I took last time, I think it has the best chance of stopping your compulsive eating,” Dr. Copeland answered.

            To her surprise, tears stung Holly’s eyes.  “I feel like I’ve tried everything but this.  I’m so tired of trying and failing over and over.”

            “I know you are,” he said, then he waited, and Holly felt like he’d patiently wait for hours if that’s how long it took her to make her decision.

            “I trust you,” she told him.  And she did, even after knowing him such a short time. It was those damn eyes of his. And the degree in psychiatry from Yale.  But mostly the damn eyes. “Let’s try it.”

            “All right.” Dr. Copeland stood.  “Did you bring some of the foods you have the most trouble with?”

            In reply, Holly pulled a plastic bag out of her purse and upended it over his desk, showering M&Ms, Hershey’s kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Rollos, Almond Joys, KitKats, and Twix bars down on it.  She looked into Dr. Copeland’s face, but didn’t see any judgements there.  He simply said, “Choose one you’d like to start with.”

            The silver wrapper of one of the Kisses caught her eye and she pointed at it. Dr. Copeland picked it up, then walked over to the leather sofa against the far wall.  He sat down.  “Come here, and put yourself across my knees,” he said, using the same tone he had when he’d explained how aversion therapy worked.

            “W-w-wh—“  Holly had to stop and start again.  “Why in that position?  Couldn’t I just bend over and brace my hands against the wall or maybe lean over your desk?”  The idea of lying over Dr. Copeland’s lap felt too…intimate.  Not that everything involved in the process wasn’t intimate, starting with simply telling him about her struggles with controlling her eating.  It didn’t help that he was maybe only ten years older than she was, late thirties, she figured.  And he reminded her a little of Daniel Craig, an actor she swooned over. 

            “I’ve found there’s a useful psychological element to the over-the-knee position,” he answered.  “There’s greater vulnerability and, also, greater embarrassment.  The embarrassment of being spanked as an adult is a factor that many of my patients find almost as much of a deterrent as the pain of the spanking.”  Every time he said the word spanking, she felt her face get redder and hotter.  “I think you’ll find that the longer you stand there and think about what is going to happen, the harder it will be,” he added. “You said you trust me, Holly.  And I promise you nothing I do will cause any permanent harm.  Come here, and let’s get started.”

            Holly began to tremble as she slowly walked toward him.  The hem of her skirt was trembling along with the motion of her body.  She hoped he didn’t notice.  Although he’d done this a lot of times.  She knew that because he’d given her statistics about his success rate with the his aversion therapy program.  He’d probably seen every reaction there was.  She peeked at him from under her lashes.  He sat there patiently, clearly ready to give her as much time as she needed.

            Faster than she wanted to, she reached him.  She stretched out across his thighs immediately, afraid if she hesitated she’d bolt and never come back.  And never get a grip on her out-of-control eating.  “Is this okay?  Am I where you want me?” she asked, looking down at the sofa cushion.

            Dr. Copeland put his hands on her waist and urged her a little farther over his lap.  His hands moved away, and she heard a soft crinkling sound.  “Open your mouth,” he told her.  She did, and she felt the chocolate kiss slide between her lips.  “Don’t bite into it,” he instructed.  “I want you to let it melt in your mouth as I spank you.”

            Her body gave a little jerk when he said the word “spank.”  God, she was nervous. 

            The doctor raised her skirt and folded it across her back. 

            “Wait!”  Holly jerked the skirt back down.  “Why did you do that?”

            “It is easier for me to calibrate the amount of discomfort if I don’t have to take the outer layer of clothing into consideration,” he explained.  “I can also feel the amount of heat through your underwear, which is useful.  There is a psychological effect as well.  Just as taking you across my knee increases the psychic aversion factor, so too my removing a layer of clothing raises the level of aversion you’ll connect to the chocolate.  Shall we continue?”  His voice was calm.

            You’re here because you need help.  This is help, she told herself.  Big-time brain science help from a big-time Yale psychiatrist.  “Yes.  I just wanted to understand the logic,” she answered, giving herself a few points for sounding like a capable adult who was making an reasoned choice about how to deal with an issue she was having trouble with.  She decided that she deserved bonus impersonating-a-capable-adult points for pulling it off while she was lying across the lap of Dr. Big Time about to get spanked.

            “Please ask me about any part of the process,” he told her.  Then he again slid her skirt up over her bottom.  The cool air on her panties made her shiver. Yeah, that was it.  Absolutely.  The cool air. “Tell me if the candy runs out before I finish,” he continued.  “The point is for your brain to connect the taste of the chocolate and the pain and embarrassment.”

            Holly nodded, squeezing her eyes shut, as if somehow it would hurt less with them closed.  Dr. Copeland rested one hand firmly on her back.  Seconds later, his other hand came down on her bottom, sharp and stinging.  The last time Holly had been spanked, she’d been a little girl, really little.  She’d rubbed Vaseline into the wall of her bedroom for some unknown reason—she had a vague memory of pretending she was making a TV commercial--and her mom had given her a couple pops on the butt.  She’d never had a spanking like this, over the knee for real punishment.

Clearly I don't worry about having a high level of realism in my stories!  Anyone remember the Schick anti-smoking aversion therapy from the 70s, where participants would get mild shocks while smoking?  As far as I know though, there wasn't a similar program that used spanking.