Thursday, November 24, 2011


That's the topic for today.  And the title of my first story on Amazon.
I'd love to hear any thoughts on the cover image and description of the book. 

So, when I decided I wanted to move from fantasizing about getting spanked to actually getting spanked, I had to basically ask someone for a spanking.  I was using personals for people with the same inclinations, so it wasn't that weird.  There were people on there asking to give spankings, so...

Still, it was strange and somewhat uncomfortable having those initial conversations.  Some guys wanted to leap into role-playing in the first phone conversation, picking up on something I'd said and saying it showed a lack of discipline.  Since I hadn't ever done any kind of spanking play, it was hard for me to go there so fast.

One guy only wanted to meet up with me if he  could be the first one to give me a spanking.  He was so insistent, that I backed off.  The first person I met with I chose because we were able to talk about what we expected, and I got that "safe and sane" vibe.  It worked out well.

Anybody want to tell a story about asking for it--either giving or receiving?

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