Saturday, November 26, 2011


Until I actually got a few spankings, my fantasies never included spanking a man.  But then one of the guys I met with was interested in switching, and I liked it.  I found it fun to be the one in control (in control on the surface, at least).  I liked being bossy! And I liked the weight of a man across my lap. I enjoy being spanked by hand more than with  an implement, and I found I liked giving hand spankings best too.  I like that skin on skin feeling.

Often my spanking friend and I would switch back and forth between spanker and spankee multiple times in a day.  This wasn't a problem for me, but if I was looking for a more disciplinary spanking it might have been.  I didn't really get that thrill of apprehension with a lot of switching.

I just started writing four interconnected stories about four friends who share a birthday decide to visit a brothel for women to celebrate their thirtieth.  I was planning for them all to decide to get a spanking, but now I think I'll have one of them give one (well, and maybe get one too, since it's her birthday and all!)

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