Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi.  This is my first blog post.  I've just started writing romantic spanking stories, and I was thinking about how what I like to write and fantasize about doesn't exactly match up with what I actually like to experience.

I just wrote a story called Asking For A Spanking.  Katy, our intrepid heroine, is feeling out of control in practically every way.  She doesn't eat right, doesn't follow her budget, is late everywhere she goes, doesn't exercise, lets her laundry pile up, stores dirty dishes in her stove, and sometimes isn't as respectful as she should be.  Desperate, she approaches her neighbor, Elliott, a cute, ultra-responsible college professor, and asks if he'd be willing to spank her whenever she doesn't meet her goals.  He agrees, and Katy ends up (yeah, pun intended) getting spanked with his hand, his hairbrush, a ruler, and his belt.  I found it exciting to visualize and write these scenes.

But in real life, the idea of being whipped with a belt is really scary, and not sexy.  I like long over the knee spankings that start over my clothes and work their way down to bare skin with some rubbing along the way. And sometimes I like a fast, hard spanking, with clothes and panties yanked off right away. I've had play discipline spankings (hand and paddle) but no real ones.  Sometimes I think I'd like to experience a truly disciplinary spanking, but still not with a belt!  Maybe with the hairbrush.  Ruler, hmm...

So, gentle reader, if you're there, what do you think?  Can you take (or give) more severe spankings and even enjoy them in your fantasy live than in reality?

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