Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I didn't even think about writing about how I feel about crying as a spanker (I like to spank and be spanked).  It didn't even occur to me.  Clearly, having a man cry over my knee isn't something I think would add to the experience for me, or it would have been something I'd have thought about. 

In the spankings I've given, there have been no tears. It's not that I don't spank hard.  I've been told I'm a hard spanker!

Any guys out there who have cried during a spanking?  Did it enhance the experience.


  1. HI Emma,I dont understand the crying thing at all,as someone who like yourself enjoys both giving and recieving spankings, I feel that the whole point is that it should be a pleasurable and exciting experience for both parties, and i fail to see how one or other of them bawling crying in the middle of it adds to the excitment or pleasure in fact i think i would find it off putting if a girl i was spanking started crying. Just my thoughts on the subject be interested to hear what you think?
    Love Danny

  2. I'm with you, Danny. For me it's about pleasure and excitement. I'm not attracted to a lifestyle or sessions where spankings are genuine punishment for wrongdoing. Sometimes I think it's fun just to act like a brat during a spanking and be told I deserve to be spanked, but for me it's all in fun and I feel like whoever I've had spank me or spanked has felt that way too. Thanks for writing!!