Monday, August 13, 2012


Wow.  I haven't blogged in a million years, more or less (since November!)  But I have been writing some stories.  The most recent one is called THE HEADSTRONG MISS HENLEY.  It's set in Regency England.

I've always loved Regency romances. Some of my favorite authors are Suzanne Enoch, Amanda Quick, Elizabeth Mansfield, and, of course, Georgette Heyer. There's something about that world--all the rules of society, and the balls, and the carriage rides, and the lemon ices at Gunther's, the witty banter, the viscounts and earls and dukes--that's deeply appealing.

I also love writing spanking stories.  So I decided to combine these two passions.  Hey, with all those rules of society, somebody has to be breaking them and needing to be spanked.  And doesn't a spanking from an earl just seem extra sexy somehow?

I already have a second Regency spanking story in mind, THE SCHEMING MISS SINCLAIR.  It involves a young lady who is determined to marry a particular earl.  He's not at all interested in her, so she comes up with a scheme to be caught in a compromising position with him, forcing him to offer for her.

What she hasn't considered is that as her husband, the earl will be well within his rights to administer spankings to her bare bottom.  Starting with the spanking for forcing him to marry her.


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