Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well, I don't know any people who call it a sling blade.

But there are a lot of words people use for vagina.  Just check out this Jezebel article.  For erotica writers--and readers and other interested parties--what word do you like to use?  I have found myself going from "core" to "cunt."  I actually like "cunt."  To me it's sexy.

Once I saw a romance manuscript that used "massive log" for penis.  To me, so not sexy.  But that's a topic for another day.


  1. Oh..thanks for the article. I suppose there is an erotica thesaurus out there somewhere. It does get tricky finding the right word for the right part at the right moment.

    "Massive log" sounds like something a Saint Bernard makes.

  2. I usually use core or pussy. In historicals, I usually just called it her "sex" or sheath (the origin of the word vagina, right?). I can't quite go there with cunt. A writer friend just made fun of me for calling the asshole the back hole. I felt very prude!

  3. I lean more toward pussy. Although I use cunt, and the generic "sex." On occasion, core. Some of the terms in Jezebel blog I'd never heard of.

  4. "massive log"
    LOL okay, that is totally my new favourite!!
    I like some terms more than others, but what really annoys me is when an author feels like they have to use ten or more different terms in one book. Stick to one or two or three, and don't venture further - otherwise it feels like I'm reading a thesaurus!