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I just published new novella, The Scheming Miss Sinclair.  Here's the scoop:

Miss Lucy Sinclair is used to getting everything she desires, and what she desires most is marriage to Lord Reece.  Although she has received three proposals since her come out, although her drawing room is filled with flowers from admirers, although she's been deemed a diamond of the first water by the ton gentlemen, she has been unable to attract the attention of the earl.

So Miss Sinclair does what she does best--she concocts a scheme, a scheme that thoroughly ruins her reputation and compels Lord Reece to wed her.

She is shocked when the earl turns out to be a different sort of man than she supposed.  With the ring scarcely on her finger, the earl marches her to his study and orders her to bend over his desk for a spanking as punishment for forcing him into marriage.  When she refuses, he simply takes her over his knee, bares her bottom and spanks her until she obediently stretches out over his desk and submits to a spanking with his hairbrush.

It seems the earl has decided that, as he's had no choice but to marry the scheming Miss Sinclair, he is going to train her to become an obedient and docile wife.  His methods involve applying his hand, his hairbrush, a willow switch, and a crop to his bride's lovely behind, while offering her tantalizing tastes of the pleasures a husband can bring to the body of a wife if she behaves.

This novella is 28,341 words long.  It is intended for readers over the age of 18.

And here's a glimpse of how Lord Reece's training progresses:

      Gareth awoke the next morning with an overwhelming sense of well-being.  He rolled over, and if sensing his gaze, Lucy’s eyelids fluttered open.  Still half asleep, she smiled at him.  How could he do anything but smile back?
     “Do you suppose we should attempt to wear clothes today?” he asked her.  “Or shall we just retreat to our chamber during the servants’ brief appearances and stay naked as we did yesterday?”  A truly glorious day.  With no attempts to escape, no insolence or disobedience, and so no spankings, paddlings, or whippings. Instead, bouts of sex and more laughter than he’d imagined occurred in a marriage.
     Don’t cozen yourself, he thought.  One delightful, truly glorious day does not mean you possess the ideal wife by any means.  He must continue her education in obedience.  Hmm, perhaps a preventative spanking was in order.  His youngest brother, Jacob, had benefited from them. Punishing Jacob after misbehavior had never been as effective as sending him off to a night of potential misdeeds at his club, for instance, with reddened rear as a small reminder of what he could expect if he came home having lost his monthly allowance playing hazard or some such.  A preventative spanking was not particularly harsh, and administering one at unexpected times should keep Lucy on her toes and behaving as she should.
       He leaned over and kissed her.  Then he tossed back the coverlet, slid up until his back was resting against the headboard, his legs stretched out in front of him.  They were both still nude, so he need not even lift her skirts, not that it was a chore he minded.
     “Come put yourself over my knee,” he told her, allowing just a hint of sternness in his voice, so she would realize it wasn’t a request.
     “What?  I— Why?” Lucy asked.  “I’ve done nothing.”
     He’d been correct.  If Lucy had been properly trained, she would not have questioned him.  She’d already be over his lap.  “I disagree.  With those words you’ve earned a spanking in addition to the one I had planned.”
     “But why did you have one planned?”  A pout had appeared on her pretty face.  “I pleased you in every way I knew how yesterday.”
     “Missy, unless you want a third spanking, I advise you to get into position immediately,” Gareth warned, his temper igniting.  She was a spoilt thing, unused to doing anything but exactly as she pleased.
     With a mighty sigh, Lucy flopped across his lap.  She twisted around and stared at him over her shoulder.  “You enjoy this.  Don’t think I can’t feel your cock pressing against my belly.”
     “The sigh alone would have gotten you your third spanking,” Gareth answered.  “Those words simply made your insolence and disrespect more pronounced.”
     Splaying his fingers to give the spanks extra sting, Gareth got to work on Lucy’s bottom, ignoring the fact that, as she’d said, his cock was pressing against her belly as if the spanking had been designed for its pleasure.  When he’d turned her entire bottom and the tops of her thighs red, he paused, his hand firmly planted on her fanny.  “Tell me why you’re being punished,” he snapped.
     “Let me consider,” she drawled.  He raised his palm and gave her a sharp spank in retaliation.  It didn’t change her attitude.  “I was to receive one for absolutely nothing, one for presuming to inquire why I was to be punished when I had done nothing, one for sighing, or was it for daring to note that your cock was hard indicating spanking me is not at all onerous to you?”
     “You have earned yet another for your continuing disrespect,” Gareth said.  “Perhaps this should be another unclothed day, since your skirts would be all but constantly up around your waist if you were to wear them.  Let’s say this is the first of the three for disrespect.   We’ll work our way back to the one—the only one—I had planned for you this morning.  Which was simply to reinforce the notion that you’re to follow my orders immediately and without protest or question.”
     “A test then,” Lucy said.
     “No, continued education in obedience.  Your response certainly proved I was right in my belief that you need more training,” he explained.
     “Training.  As if I’m an animal?” she cried.
     “Training as if you’re a spoilt child, which you are,” Gareth answered.  “If you’d prefer the idea of an animal though, I shall cooperate and give you one of the spankings with a riding crop.  Now, again, tell me why you are being punished.”
     “I am being punished for a lack of respect, my lord,” she told him, her voice tight with what he believed was repressed anger.  Still, he found the reply acceptable.
     “That is correct.”  He chose a spot on the right cheek of her bottom and spanked it repeatedly and relentlessly until it was at least two shades darker than the rest of her punished behind and she was squirming over his lap.  Then he moved his hand up to a spot just above the one he’d selected and spanked it into a matching shade of crimson.  He worked methodically, ignoring her tears when they came, until her entire bottom was had been so disciplined. 
     “Get up,” he ordered.  He stood when she did, then took her by the arm and marched down the hall to the chamber that his eldest sister usually occupied when she was in residence.  He marched her directly to the tall pier glass, a lovely piece with a bucolic scene on the panel across the top.  He spun Lucy around so her back was to it, then took her chin in one hand, and forced her to turn her head and look into the glass.
     “Make a study of your bottom, young lady.  Are you not mortified that you, old enough to be a mother yourself, had to be spanked until your rear is such a shade?  Are you not ashamed that you have not the womanly virtue to obey your husband willingly?  I am certainly ashamed to have such a spoilt, undisciplined, rude girl as a wife.”
     Lucy wiped away her tears with the back of her palms.  “I apologize for my behavior, my lord,” she said, her voice devoid of emotion.  “I am most ashamed.”
     He found he did not believe her, but it was a feeling based on nothing he could put his finger on.  He did not feel that he could sentence her to yet another spanking, not at this time.  She still had three more to come.
     Gareth opened the dresser and found a hairbrush.  The back, made of a pale beech wood, wasn’t quite as wide or heavy as that of his own, but it would suit.  He wrapped his hand around Lucy’s upper arm and took her over to the bed. 

You can find the novel at Amazon and Amazon UK andBarnes & Noble

Just for fun, here's what I was picturing for that mirror

And here's what I was thinking of for that brush

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  1. Oh fun. Trapping him in marriage is such a good reason for a spanking.